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About Anugrahaa

Every living being on this earth requires Anugraha – The Divine Blessings of the Almighty God, manifested in different Avataras, Forms, Genders and Names whom we believe and pray for Prosperity, Happiness and Spiritual fulfillment. According to Hindu culture and customs every individual strives to attain ANUGRAHA - The Divine Blessings of the God he/she pays obedience to, through various poojas, homams, either on daily basis or on special occasion, festivals, etc. On the same occasions, to invoke the DIVINE BEING as per the requirement, they use various Pooja (samaghri) items. We at with an honest effort, bring a variety of Pooja items (Samaghri) right at your doorstep anywhere on the globe, which are made with purest, organic, chemical free and environmental friendly ingredients, so that not only the Divine Being but the spiritual being in every individual is invoked leading to attainment of “Anugraha – The Divine Blessing”, paving way for prosperity and happiness.

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Using the ancient science of Astrology and Vasthu Shastra, our experts at will also be providing best possible solutions for better quality of life of every individual.
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